8am-Coach Carina will lead an open gym fornat version of the hero WOD for the ten people with CrossFit experience so that more barbells and rig space is free for our 9am class

9am-Coach Dan will run the Hero WOD class. He has to leave by 10:20am.

Workout: “Hot Shots 19”

Rx’d Version is: 6 rounds for time

  • 30 air squats
  • 19 power cleans (135,95)
  • 7 strict pull-ups
  • 400m run

Rx’d Partner Version is: 6 rounds for time

  • partber 1 and 2 each complete 30 air squats
  • partner 1 and 2 alternate power clean singles for 19 total
  • partner 1 and 2 either each do 7 strict pull-ups OR partner 1 and partner 2 perform 7 total partner assisted pull-ups
  • partber 1 and 2 run 400m together
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