Workout of the Day:

I) Skill Practice: 12 Minutes, choose between double unders or toes to bar. Coaches will float around helping athletes develop consistency and to point out maladaptive movement patterns.

  • Double unders: work on stringing them together and keeping a consistent hand position with quick wrist cycling
  • Toes to bar: work on stringing together or developing single rxd Reps

II) Three 4 minute AMRAPS w/2:00 rest between. Start over each time. Score=total rounds and reps completed across all 3 amraps

  • 8 toes to bar
  • 5 right arm db hang clean and jerk (50,35)
  • 5 left arm db hang clean and jerk (50,35)
  • 36 double unders/scale with either 1:1 penguin jumps or 3;1 singles (108 singles)
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