I) Snatch: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pull instruction and practice

  • beginner level athletes: work from hang position and focus on power snatches
  • intermediate level athletes: focus on snatches from the ground. At lighter loads work on the full snatch. At heavier loads, complete a power snatch into an overhead squat.
  • advanced athletes: full snatch from the ground

II) METCON: weightlifting + gymnastics

Fitness: for Time ***the fitness version can be scaled up by completing full snatches at the (95,65) load.

9-6-3: power snatch (95,65)

21-15-9 toes to bar/Kipping knee to chest

SCT: for Time

9-6-3: full snatch (135,95)

21-15-9: toes to bar

***clarification: the workout is a couplet and should be done as follows:

-9 snatches

-21 ttb

-6 snatches

-15 ttb

-3 snatches

-9 ttb

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