I) Sumo Deadlift

  • 6×3 (do not touch and go)

II) “Death by” Toes to bar and KB swings

(minimum work requirement is to reach the round of 10 + 10), see instructions below. Athletes who reach 10 will continue to failure.

min 1: 1 ttb + 1 kb swing (53,35)

min 2: 2 + 2

min: 3 + 3

Continue adding 1 rep per movement each minute until you’ve reached 10 + 10 in one minute. ***if you fail to complete the work within a given minute then take the next minute off as rest and complete the remaining rounds for time disregarding the on the minute format. For example, if you fail to complete 7 & 7 then rest during min 8 and start with 8&8, then 9&9, and finally 10&10.

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