Workout of the Day,

3 Rounds For Time 

  • 400m run
  • 30 kb swings (53,35)
  • 15 db burpees *** (50’s, 35’s)

***the dumbbell burpee consists of dropping to the floor while holding the dumbbells, popping your butt up and legs forward, landing flat footed, and then deadlifting the dumbbells back to extension.

Advanced: Under 16

Internediate: Under 15, consider lowering dumbbell weight if it would prevent completion under 16.

Beginner: Scale the volume and loads so that you can accomplish 1 round in 4-5 minutes. Maintain that structure so that you finish 2 more rounds the same way and thereby finish under 16. Possible scaling options include: 200m runs instead of 400m, lowering the weight of the kb, lowering the weight of the dumbbells etc.

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