7:00am master’s new you challenge-Patrick  ***Sirius athletes who wish to use the gym during this hour: please be welcoming and inviting to our new athletes and please stay out of the way of the class




6:30pm master’s new you challenge-Patrick  ***same as above


Workout of the day,

I) Bar Muscle-Up progressions: Coach rx’d, and different coaches will prioritize different elements of the movement. Everything is fair game (Shoulder mobility, Core work, Kipping practice, jumping bar muscle-ups, banded bar muscle-ups etc.)

II) 10 rounds for time

  • 10 alternating dumbbell snatches (50,35)
  • 3 bar muscle-ups/6 c2b pull-ups/9 Kipping pull-ups ***additional scaling would be jumping bar muscle-ups, jumping c2b, and jumping chin over bar pull-ups, keep the numbers matched to their rxd counterparts.

Intentions: This WOD pairs a unilaterally loaded weightlifting movement with a hanging gymnastics movement. View the 3 different choices of the hanging pull-up exercises as WOD 1,2, and 3. Pick one and perform throughout the whole workout. When recording scores on the board, note the athlete +w1,2, or 3 + whether the athlete rxd the hanging gymnastics movement (and the db load) + the time. Time intentions will vary based on the hanging movement choice. Rather than a specific intention, we will go with an across the board 20 minute CAP. Some advanced athletes may do the WOD in under 10 min. Pick the best version for you.

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