Workout of the Day,

•Points of performance of the “1 arm hang dumbbell squat clean”

•Points of performance for the handstand push-up and, which component of it can be modified/scaled so you can achieve the workout stimulus and time intention.

10 Rounds, For Time:

  • 5 Terrifying right arm hang db squat cleans (50,35)
  • 5 Ghoolish left arm hang db squat cleans (50,35)
  • 6 Exorcist handstand push-ups/scale with as strict as possible hand release push-ups or, 6 right arm db push-press + 6 left arm db push-press 

INTENTIONS: using a 1 armed dumbbell movement adds a layer of coordination, timing, accuracy, and balance training that surpasses its barbell counterpart. The named fitness elements actually all fall into the unique “nueromuscular” category. Long story short, getting your mind and body to work together is challenging. Think of the bench-press. It doesn’t take a huge amount of input and energy into lowering the weight down and then pressing it up. Then think of double unders:)

Don’t underestimate this workout. Establish a suitable per round pace and stick to it as long as possible, and then finish with whatever you can muster 🙂

•Advanced, under 11. If there is a realistic concern of completing it in less than 7 minutes, then scale this workout up by using a heavier dumbbell or even subbing another implement, like the kettlebell. Doing it as an emom shouldn’t be terrible save the last few rounds. So please think this one through so you get the best workout for you.

•Intermediate, under 14 rxd or under 11 with appropriate scaling

Beginner, Under 14 minutes. Focus on the proper technique and don’t settle for deviating from it because it’s uncomfortable. Building new motor patterns and learning new exercises is very challenging. Show up and get the best workout you can! It takes time for these movements to feel natural, but it’s well worth the wait.

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