Workout of the Day,

I) Strict Press

  • Review points of performance (feet flat under hips, toes straight or slightly turned out, proper front rack position with grip on the bar and elbows in front of the bar, midline stabilization, bar moves in straight line, and completes with an acceptable overhead position) -Acceptable Overhead position = joints stacked, elbows locked out, part of the war visible in front of the arms.
  • Safety and performance issues including bracing at the end of the Rep and rebounding the foloweing one vs. controlling the bar back to the shoulder and bracing from there.
  • Practice

II) For Time

42-36-30-24-18-12-6: Sit-ups

21-18-15-12-9-6-3: Strict Barbell Shoulder Press (95,65) ***bar should be cleaned from the floor or hang unless a rack is absolutely necessary.


-General, this workout is not metabolically demanding. Combining a strict weightlifting movement with a basic gymnastics core exercise should yield a different stimulus than what you’re used to. People are forced to stop or slow down in most workouts due to their heart rate becoming unsustainable. In this workout, the breaks should come as a result of muscle fatigue/failure instead of cardio/respiratory issues.

•Advanced athletes should rx this workout and aim to finish in under 15 min. The times will vary a lot based on pressing strength, muscle endurance, and how the athlete breaks up the big Strict Press sets of the 45 total.

•Intermediate athletes should scale the presses to a load that allows for sets of at least 5 reps at a time. If you are a borderline athlete to advanced and strength is a weakness of yours, then go heavier with the press to build strength and see if you can finish within the cap given by the coach.

•Beginner athletes shoukd complete the workout as follows:


  • sit-ups or crunches if necessary
  • Strict presses at the heaviest load that allows for safe consistent mechanics that should ultimately lead to the athlete exerting more energy by moving faster.


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