5am Row and 5:30am CF-KC

12:00pm, 5:30pm-Dan

7:00pm-Dixy with Dan

Weightlifting Cycle (week 2)

I) Snatch Work

1. Tall snatch + Overhead Squat (stay light, focus on moving the bar from the tall position like we did with cleans last week. Regardless of whether you power or squat the tall snatch complete 2 overhead squats

  • 4×1+2

2. Full Snatch Balance (feet will move on this one, build in load. Advanced athletes should end with high percentages of their max snatch

  • 5×2

II) Clean Work

1. High hang clean + pause hang clean (complete the high Hang clean without a pause then set-up for the Hang clean pausing :02 at the top of the knee. Squat or power as needed based on level.

  • 5×1+1

2. (Bonus, if time or after class)

5 sets ascending: hang power clean + front squat + push-jerk

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