Tuesday 8/7/18 Schedule



4:30pm S & C-Pat


7:00pm-KC or Dan

Workout of the Day:

I) Snatch: review all positions and perform drills with the pvc pipes and then with light loads. ***each coach may understand, perform, and teach snatches differently…one way is not right and all others wrong. Certain techniques, cues, and styles work better for some. Get what you can from your coaches!

II) Choose 1 of the following 2 workouts:

1. “Bicouplet 1”

21-15-9 FOR TIME

  • snatches (85,55)
  • chest to bar pull-ups (scaling order=regular Kipping pull-ups, jumping chest to bar, regular jumping pull-ups, ring rows.)

2. “Bicouplet 2”

12-9-6 FOR TIME

  • snatches (135,85)
  • bar muscle-ups (scaling order=jumping bar mu, banded bar mu, bar mu attempts)


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