5am and 5:30am-KC


4:30pm “Patrick’s 30 min special”



Workout of the Day

I) Technique and Positioning: Behind the neck split jerk ***this variation of the split jerk is great for developing positional awareness of achieving the ideal overhead position. Since the bar starts on the “traps”, it’s line of action is straight up. Performing this lift can help the posterior deltoids fire and stabilize. It’s not meant as a replacement for the traditional front rack split jerk, but rather as an accessory lift to improve it.

  • 15 minutes to perform 10-12 sets building in weight. Each set can be 1-3 Reps

II) 3 rounds for time (intention=under 10 min)

  • 21 push-ups
  • 14 deadlifts (225,155)
  • 7 bar muscle-ups/scale with c2b pull-ups
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