Happy Late Birthday to Sirius Athlete Ben Smith!!! (Birthday was February 10th)


5am and 5:30am-KC


4:30 Barre-Dallas



Ben’s B-day WOD: ***this workout is a little different than our typical wods. It is a partner workout where athletes will ping pong (alternate rounds). When it comes to the weighted strict pull-ups, do something that is in the spirit of the workout. If you can’t go rx’d, do something creative that is different than your normal pull-up scale.

26 Rounds for Time: w/a partner, ping pong rounds

  • 2 weighted strict pull-ups (25,15 db’s between ft/legs)
  • 10 calorie row or 200m run

***possible pull-up scaling options

  • strict pull-ups or chin-ups w/out weight
  • bent over Barbell row
  • “strict” banded pull-ups
  • no “hip drive” kipping pull-ups
  • kipping chin-ups
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