4:30pm S&C-Patrick


6:30-7pm Stretch Class-Dallas


Workout of the Day,

(Movement’s: Deadlift, single arm kb squat cleans, hand release push-ups)

•Deadlift: Work up to a heavy touch and go 7 rep max deadlift set in 10-12 minutes (***this weight should not be a true 7rm set. Once the clock beeps, work up in weight doing a set every couple minutes, no re-gripping except after rep #7 is finished).

•Review KB Squat Clean 

•Review Hand Release Push-up


•Deadlift: 18-15-12-9-6 (185,135)

•Hand Release Push-ups: 15-12-9-6-3

•Alternating single arm KB squat cleans: 10-8-6-4-2 (70,53)

Intentions: This workout is essentially 5 rounds of descending reps of movements that tax lower and upper body pulling systems as well as lower body pushing, and upper body pushing. It will be potent. Please understand that round 1 is: (18 DL, 15 HR push-ups, 10 alternating kb squat cleans). This workout can easily be a strength/heavy  WOD for some and conditioning WOD for others. Get out of this one what you need. NO time intention. Try to go as heavy as you safely can for the deadlifts and squat cleans. Time Cap will be determined by coaches based on how quickly classes can be prepped


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