4:30pm strength and conditioning-Patrick


7:00pm Dixy

Workout of the Day,

3 Rounds for Time (30:00 time cap)

  • 75 air squats
  • 50 push-ups
  • 25 pull-ups

Intentions:  ***It is a long bodyweight workout like this is most risky for beginner athletes who do not scale effectively. PLEASE stick to the workout associated with your performance level on each movement. High rep and high volume muscle endurance workouts put a high demand on your primary muscle movers. This is a workout where athletes will benefit from increased hydration before, during, and after the workout. Remember that each body weight exercise has variations based on things like stance, grip, torso position, and efficiency.

***Advanced athletes should complete rxd utilizing strategic variations in movement style to avoid early onset muscle fatigue. The general intention is under 22:00. If an advanced athlete thinks he or she will finish significantly faster then that, then consider wearing a weight vest, or by committing to very high rep schemes in each set.

***Intermediate athletes should choose variations of the following based on the athlete’s personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses. One approach is to rxd all movements and shoot for finishing under the 30 min cap. Another option is to pick one of the 3 movements to scale. Borderline intermediate and advanced athletes should stick to the movement rxd, but scale the volume of that movement to a number each round that yields a realistic shot at finishing under the 22:00 intention.

***Beginner athletes should scale movements and the volume. The focus should be on movement quality. This is the recommended beginner version:

3 Rounds For Time

  • 45 squats
  • 30 push-ups/scale with knee push-ups, worm push-ups, or hands on an elevated surface (like a bench or box)
  • 20 pull-ups/scale with jumping pull-ups or ring rows
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