Workout of the Day,

5 Rounds For Time 

  • 600m run 400+200 or Arapaho and back (300m) x 2
  • 15 toes to bar
  • 20 sit-ups
  • 15 good mornings (45,35)


The general intention of this workout is to exercise in a longer time domain than we primarily train within. Even faster runners will be clocking around 12:30 min of running alone over all 5 rounds. Then factor in the ttb, su’s, and good am’s….and the workout could easily turn into a 35-40 min cardio fest. So pace this one out, and if you know you purposely hate the long ones, then really try to make it anyway. 

•Advanced: Are you Advanced in running, possess midline strength and stability, and do well with longer workouts? Then you’ll want to shoot for under 27 minutes. If you have a weakness in that list, then add a few minutes to 27 to compensate for potentially needing to slow down to deal with the weakness.

•Intermediate: There could be a lot of athletes on the upper border of being more advanced and intermediate in relation to this workout. Scale the ttb number if needed to keep the intensity higher or substitute hanging knees to  chest. Under 34 minutes would be a good goal 

•Beginner: complete the workout as written below in under the class time cap

5 Rounds For Time 

  • 300m run (Arapaho curb and back)
  • 25 sit-ups
  • 15 good mornings (45,35,15,pvc if needed)


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