This Sunday 2/10 and Sunday 2/24 the gym will be hosting 2 events promoting women’s empowerment. This Sunday, myself and the other folks who facilitate Recover-Strong at CrossFit Sirius will use the Recover-Strong methodology to illustrate how high intensity workouts, challenging exercises, and weightlifting can empower anyone when done properly and put into the proper perspective. On 2/24 “Sacred Sweat”, a different format of exercise combined with yoga and meditation will be used similarly. The “two-four” or “24” hour club, a non profit safe haven for people who need a safe place to stay, is the organization that chose Sirius to host the two events. I believe the money used to book the gym and promote women’s empowerment originated through a grant from the Dallas Mavericks basketball organization. Pretty cool imo.

  • 12:30pm-3:30pm is the time we’ve reserved for both events, although they may not run a full 3 hours
  • NO Stretch class on those 2 Sundays, but you can embrace February Flexibility by using the 2 poses/stretches we’ve posted on Social Media, and anything else, to loosen up and become “supple”, like a “leapord” ***I will high five you if you got that reference quickly

Thursday Schedule:



4:30pm S&C-Patrick

5:30pm Open Gym-Franco

7:00pm Sirius Burn-Dallas

CrossFit Class WOD,

-Review/learn proper bench press technique

-Review Scaling options such as floor press, dumbbell chest press, lighter load etc.

24 minute partner or team AMRAP:

***only 1 person works at a time

Teams of 2=

  • 750m Row
  • 30 Bench Press reps (135,95)

Teams of 3=

  • 1,000m row
  • 40 Bench Press reps (135,95)
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