The CrossFit OPEN starts tomorrow night. CrossFit HQ has made changes to the CrossFit Games process. What does that mean in regards to you? Well…not much lol :). We will still do what we’ve done for the past few years. The WOD on Friday’s for the next 5 weeks will be whatever that week’s open announcement happens to be. You’re encouraged, if you want to, to sign up for the actual CrossFit Open. Doing so will enable you to compare your performance with the rest of the world. If you come to class on Fridays you’re gonna do the wods anyway 💁‍♂️.




4:30pm S&C-Patrick

5:30pm Open Gym-Franco

7:00pm Sirius Burn-Dallas

CrossFit WOD,

I) Coach Rx’d Mobility And Flexibility

II) Establish a Max Effort 1,000m Row (2,000 meters of rowing/athlete)

  • each athlete will complete 1 practice 1k row
  • the 2nd row will be the max effort attempt

III) Skill Practice

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