4:30pm S&C-Patrick

5:30pm Coach led Open Gym-Franco

7:00pm Sirius Burn-Dallas

Workout of the Day,

Strength Day: Overhead Squat

  • address mobility and flexibility issues
  • points of performance and safety
  • practice

I) Overhead Squat (20 minutes)

  • complete at least one set of 3 overhead squats every 2 min (10 minimum sets), record your heaviest successful set of 3. Racks can be used.
  • If an athlete lacks the requisite mobility to execute safe ohs’s, then during the 20 min he/she should substitute front squats

II) ***if time permits or may done before part 1 at coache’s discretion

6 min AMRAP

  • 10 ohs (45,35)
  • 8 oh walking lunges (45,35)
  • 6 behind the neck Strict presses (45,35)
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