4:30pm S&C-Patrick

5:30pm Coach led Open Gym

6:30pm-7:00pm Stretch Class-Dallas

7:00pm Sirius Burn-Dallas

CrossFit Workout of the Day,

***I recently had a request for a Thursday partner WOD. Today’s WOD actually ends up working well as partner workout with 1 partner working at a time. Athletes can choose to do it alone or with a partner.

5 ROUNDS FOR TIME (Partner version)

  • 800m run ***break the runs up evenly, pick one of the following: alternate 200’s or alternate 400’s
  • 25 Overhead squats (75,55)
  • 25 sumo deadlift high-pulls (75,55)

5 ROUNDS FOR TIME (Individual version) 

  • 600m run (400+200 or 300+300, which Arapaho and back twice)
  • 20 Overhead squats (75,55)
  • 20 sumo deadlift high-pulls

Intentions: Variance in CrossFit is crucial, but variance isn’t randomness. We know that some people “cherrypick” their wods, only coming to the ones they want to do. But the reality is that so much of well rounded fitness involves overlapping different modalities and time Intentions. So, while today is another “longer” workout by CF standards, it is necessary. So if you skipped the filthy fifty please come to do this today (Thursday). The Partnef version will be great for building intensity output. Doing it alone ends up being more of an aerobic workout. Coaches should allot at least 40 minutes, meaning there will be quick reviews of the two barbell movements while warning them up and then the WOD will start quickly.

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