4:30pm Strength and Conditioning-Patrick

5:30pm Coach led open gym-Franco

7:00pm Sirius Burn-Dallas

Workout of the Day,

I) Bar Muscle-Up

  • Break down and discuss the various stages/phases of the movement
  • Learn and practice progressions for each part
  • dedicated bar mu skill or strength work time

II) 3 rounds for time:

  • 400m run
  • 15 power snatches (95,65)
  • 6 bar muscle-ups/scale by choosing one of the progression exercises or strength movements reviewed earlier

Intentions: the Snatch weight should not be “heavy” for you. If you can’t string together touch and go reps at (95,65), then scale the weight down to a load that you can tap and go about 5 reps at a time with. (75,55) would be the lightest an intermediate level athlete should go at. Utilize a number in between that and the the rxd weight if possible.

•Advanced and Intermediate athletes should aim to complete in under 14 minutes

•Beginners should also use the 14 minute or less time intention, but the priority should be on pushing the intensity of the modified movements. If a Sirius beginner can’t complete all 400m runs without walking, then shorten the distance to 300 or even 200 if necessary. If the athlete can maintain a higher intensity and a more consistent pace by subbing rowing, then he/she should. The barbell snatch is tough, don’t go at a very light weight that allows you to complete the rep with incorrect mechanics. All that will do is make learning the movement properly all the more difficult. Instead, substitute something like a heavier dumbbell or kettlebell snatch. One last beginner consideration for the snatch is to set aside the ground to overhead in one motion idea and implement a ground to overhead mentality. Essentially, you’ll do a Power Clean into a push-press instead of a snatch. Doing that at or close to the rxd snatch weight would elecit a very similar stimulus.

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