Everyone’s journey to reach high level fitness at CrossFit Sirius will look slightly different depending on their current level of fitness and personal goals. We offer a variety of membership options of varying cost. We firmly believe in offering flexible and affordable services to facilitate success in your fitness endeavors.

Group Classes:

Our CrossFit group classes constitute the heart of our program. These classes run throughout the day and are scheduled for one hour. Typically, members will be put through a dynamic and skill based warm up, a strength or technique workout, and a metabolic conditioning workout. All classes are scalable, providing safe and appropriately challenging workouts. These classes will highlight your strengths and expose your weaknesses. It is crucial to capitalize on the areas we are naturally gifted in, but more important to improve our liabilities thereby converting them into assets, which is why we offer specialty classes.

Specialty Classes:

CrossFit Sirius offers specialty classes throughout the week that focus on more technical and skill based movements that many people struggle with. Failure to learn and practice such movements can stall progress. We offer our Lifting Class to assist members in just working on the Olympic lifts and the core strength lifts. Additionally, we offer an abbreviated “high intensity interval training” class that will assist deconditioned members improve their stamina and endurance.

Private Coaching:

All of our CrossFit coaches are available for one on one coaching with members.  These sessions are often used to work on specific areas such as lingering mobility issues from a previous injury or more specialized coaching. Members also make use of private coaching to get help with diet and nutritional coaching.