Here’s what’s coming: we’ve got back squats with rapid eccentric tempo today and next week we’ll be testing back squat strength to see if the past 6 weeks has yielded more squatting strength. We’ve got deadlifts this week with a lot of class time spent on points of deadlifting performance. Next week we’ll be testing 1rm deadlifts to kick off a deadlift strength cycle. Get the practice in this week and get with a coach if you are newer. It’s also time to start cycling through some CF girl benchmarks so be ready to track and record your times/scores. Fran is on the menu today.

I) Back Squat: 5×3 across with (1-2-1 tempo)

II) Fitness and SCT=”Fran for Time” (12 min cap)


  • thrusters (95,65)
  • pull-ups
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