Workout of the Day,

I) Clean and Jerk

  • points of performance
  • 12-15 min to work up to a 1 rep max clean and jerk for the day

II) For Time:

  • 15 burpees over the barbell
  • 5 Clean and jerks at 85-90% of part 1 max
  • 12 burpees over the barbell
  • 4 Clean and Jerks
  • 9 burpees over the barbell
  • 3 Clean and Jerks

Intentions: The Clean and Jerks are meant to be heavy. Part 2 should be fast, but only fast enough that the heavy lifts can be executed safely. The intention range is under 10 min.

•Advanced: shoot for 5-7 min

•Intermediate: 7-10 min

•Beginners: modify the burpees to move quicker (regular burpees, burpees w/no jump, box burpees, etc.). Pick an element of the clean and jerk to focus on improving.

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