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so…sadly for Sirius, 5:30am will be Coach Eric’s last class. As many of you know, Eric will be moving to Germany for 2 years. All of us are better for having him as an integral part of the Sirius Family. He launched our Barbell Class and ALWAYS gave 110% intensity to his coaching and his workouts. If you haven’t yet, go back in the Sirius Athletes group and find his January 1 new year’s post about goals and purpose-in and out of the gym. I look forward to his visits back to DFW and his ultimate return. Thank you Eric! Best wishes on the next leg of your life journey!!! Also, I want to announce that Dixiana will be starting a journey too…she will start the process next Tuesday of becoming a Sirius coach 🙂 Please welcome her to the team.

I) Squat Clean mechanics and practice

II) 10 rounds for time

  • 3 squat cleans (155,105) SCT(185,135)
  • 6 burpees over the bar
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