Monster Mash

***warmup emphasis on just doing the movements involved in the mash with some additional stretches/mobilizations to prep. WOD must start no later than 20 minutes into the hour.

(on a running clock set to 40:00)

I) For Time,

•Sit-ups: 42-30-18

•Single Arm dumbbell thruster (50,35) 10/10-8/8-6/6

(so…Round 1=42 sit-ups, 10 rt arm thrusters, 10 lft arm thrusters, Round 2=30 sit-ups, 8, 8…)

REST 3:00

II) 5 max effort 100m row sprints resting 1-2 minutes in between efforts. Record each time. World record is 12.8 seconds, and many of you can do it sub 18 seconds. Once you’ve completed all 5 attempts add the total rowing time to your part 1 time.

REST 3:00

III) 3 rounds for time (look at the clock when you start and get an exact time for how long the 3 rounds took)

  • 30 feet together squats
  • 20 Russian* kb swings (70,53) *for the Russian swing make sure the arms stay straight and that the bell gets higher than arms parallel with the floor
  • 10 burpees with no jump

Scoring: time from 1 plus all 5 row sprint times added together plus the time it takes to complete part 3. Take that time and add the 6 minutes of mandatory rest to establish the final score.

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