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Workout of the Day, “Friday Monster Mash

On a running clock set to 35:00 minutes

I) 3 Rep (touch and go) Power Clean MAX (relative to the allotted time of 10 minutes)

REST 5 minutes

II) At approximately 65-70% of your 3rm Power Clean Max from Part 1, complete 30 Cleans For time (squat or power cleans are ok for this part) ***hypothetically if tan athlete is able to work up to 225lbs for a touch and go set of 3. For part 2 that athlete should go at 70% of 225 (157.5), realistically that athlete would go at 160lbs. 

REST 5 minutes

III) 15129 For Time 

  • Thrusters (75,55)
  • Toes to bar

Intentions: a 3 rep tap and go power clean set is challenging and it will be the number you use to base part 2 off of. Don’t settle for re-gripping the bar or pausing on the floor. Make them true touch and go repetitions. Part 2 should be a pretty fast sprint style workout. Using the 225# example above, that athlete needs to be able to do 30 cleans at 160# with intensity. Touch and go sets shouldn’t be ruled out. 5 sets of 6 is a good potential approach. Part 3 is another sprint burner. Under 35 minutes overall with the rest should be doable for most. Don’t let a movement like ttb get in the way of your workout. If you can’t string them together then cut the number down to 9-6-3 or do very aggressive Kipping knees to chest.

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