Sirius has truly evolved over the past 5 years. Some people come and go while others have been with us since day 1 (and a few even before that). Some of you came looking for one thing and found immensely more. Others are focused on training to become the best athlete they can be while others are doing their best to battle chronic disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and improve ther levels/numbers of  cholesterol, and other health markets. In short, we’ve become much more than we were and are now, in many ways, better than we could have hoped. There’s a lot more to do to make Sirius reach it’s potential. A few of my personal long term goals are to remove the drop ceiling and give us much higher ceilings to hang more ropes and rings from, add more rowers and assault bikes for class use, and get a couple glute-hamm developers (GHD’s). There are plenty more we want to do as we enter our 6th year

One issue/service we’ve provided successfully that I’m about to ask your help in continuing to offer is the pretty consistent cold drinking water we get delivered to the gym twice a month. As we grew in numbers, the water usage significantly increased. The $40-$60 monthly charge became, and has now been for a while, well over $200 a month. To continue providing the water, we’re asking for a simple 1 time yearly water payment of $50 or a $30 payment for 6 months. No one’s creating a Sirius water police force who will enforce this. So, if you think “well, if they aren’t going to check who’s drinking vs. who has paid then I’m not gonna pay and I’ll just keep drinking when I need it” then so be it. But, it would help us, the gym, and the community greatly to free up that money for other investments. We know that there are ways of setting up/installing a filtering system where we would use the tap water, treated through some process to purify it…but right now, and for the foreseeable future (a year), we’re going to keep provibding the water, assuming those of you who do fill up large bottles of water regularly pay the year or 6 month water use fee. If you’re willing to contribute toward our continued cold water supply then just let me know that you’d like to contribute either the $50 or the $30 and whether you’d like it charged to your account or if you want to bring cash/check. I really appreciate y’all considering it. If you feel that you shouldn’t contribute then there’s no hard feelings. I’m asking something from the community that I know will really help the gym. Either email me at with your decision or tell me in person at the box by next Wednesday. Thank you!

Friday Schedule;




Workout of the Day,

***athletes do not need to do the Tabatas in order, that way, if needed…4 or 5 can get started with the Full Tabata Row while other athletes compete one of the other Tabata stations

1 Tabata=8 rounds of :20 on/:10 off (4 min/Tabata)

For total reps completed, w/exception of Tabata 4

1) Full Tabata Back Squat (95,65) ***use a rack if needed

REST 1 min

2) Full Tabata Calorie Row

REST 1 min

3) Full Tabata toes to bar


4) Full Tabata of…choose one of the following

  • Handstand hold (on wall)
  • dead pull-up hang


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