5:30am-Carina and Dixy 12:00pm-Dan 5:30pm-Jon WOD I) Review and Warmup movements II) For Time ***be smart about what load you go at! 25 power cleans (155,105) 20 jerks (155,105) 10 squat clean and jerks (155,105)

5am row & 5:30cf-KC 12:00pm-Dan 4:30pm barre-bell-Dallas 5:30&7pm-Franco WOD 20 rounds for time (alternating ping pong with partner) or 10 rft alone resting 1:00 after each round 5 deadlifts (225,155) 8 burpees over bar

Schedule 5:30am-Carina 12:00pm-KC 4:30 & 5:30pm-Dan 7:00pm-Franco 20 min AMRAP 100 du’s/200 singles 75 wallballs (20,14 to 10′,9′) 50 box jumps (24″,20″) 25 toes to bar

Tuesday Schedule 5:00am row and 5:30 CF-KC 12:00pm CF-Dan 5:30pm CF-Dan 7:00pm CF-Dixy and Dan I) Snatch Work 1. Tall Snatch pull-under (complete the tall snatch like in previous weeks but continue to pull yourself into the overhead squat 5×1 (stay light or build heavy based on level) 2. Hang snatch from top of knee…

Labor Day Schedule 9am CF-Carina 10am-11am-Open Gym Workout of the Day: The class will be doing “Helen” for “Harvey”. I’m posting a “go fund me” link that you can use to make donations that go to CrossFit affiliates in the Houston area that were destroyed by the hurricane. Most affiliates, like us, are small businesses….

***Labor Day Schedule*** Hey y’all, Coach KC is going to take advantage of the holiday on Monday to stain the concrete by the restrooms. We still want y’all to be able to workout though, so Monday 9/4 we will have 1 class from 9:00am-10:00am taught by Coach Carina & 1 hour of open gym from…

Schedule: 5am row & 5:30am CF-KC 12:00pm CF-Dan 5:30pm & 7:00pm CF-Franco Workout of the Day ***WOD may be done with a partner or alone. With a partner is “ping pong” style, 1 partner does a whole round while the other rests and then alternate. Individual version is 1:00 min fixed rest after each round….

I thought Michael’s birthday was on the 31st, I made a bad note in my phone…very bad, Sorry buddy, but Happy Birthday WOD!!! schedule: 5:30am-Carina 12:00pm-KC 4:30pm-Dan 5:30pm-Dan 7:00pm-Franco I) coach led abs II) 3 rounds 800m run 30 wallballs (20,14 to 10′,9′) 19 pull-ups cash out: 84 du’s/2:1 singles

Schedule 5am row plus 5:30 Cf-KC 12:00pm-Dan 5:30pm-Dan 7:00pm-Dixy and Dan Weightlifting I) Snatch Work 1. Tall snatch + overhead squat 5×1+1 ***this should be done at light load to prime and reinforce triple extension and mobility. Athletes who struggled with the overhead squat in week 1 should start seeing improvement. Those who cannot safely…

Schedule: 5:30am-Dan 12:00pm-KC 4:30,5:30,7:00-Carina For Time 400m run 42 wallballs (20,14 to 10,9) 400m run 30 deadlifts (185,135) 400m run 18 burpees over bar 200m run 21 wallballs 200m run 15 deadlifts 200m run 9 burpees over bar