Schedule 5am row + 5:30cf-KC 12:00pm-Dan 5:30 & 7pm-Franco WOD 10 Rounds for total time: (40 min Cap) (135,95) 5 burpees over bar 3 power cleans 3 front squats 3 s2oh 5 burpees over bar Rest 1:00 min after each round  

Schedule: 5:30am-Carina 12:00pm-KC 4:30pm-Dan 5:30pm-Dan 7:00pm-Jon For Time: Buy in-800m run 3 Rounds 14 toes to bar 7 right arm hang kb snatch (53,35) 14 box jumps 7 left arm hang kb snatch (53,35) Cash out-800m run

Schedule: 5am Row and 5:30am CF-KC 12:00pm, 5:30pm-Dan 7:00pm-Dixy with Dan Weightlifting Cycle (week 2) I) Snatch Work 1. Tall snatch + Overhead Squat (stay light, focus on moving the bar from the tall position like we did with cleans last week. Regardless of whether you power or squat the tall snatch complete 2 overhead…

Schedule: 5:30am-Dan 12:00pm-KC 4:30, 5:30, 7:00pm-Carina I) Coach Prescribed Core/Midline work: 10 minutes II) 13 min amrap 21 wallballs (20,14 to 10,9) 15 deadlifts (185,135) 9/6 (9 c2b pull-ups=Rx’d, 6 bar muscle-ups=SCT)

Schedule: 5:30am-Dan 12:00pm-Dan 5:30pm Franco Workout of the Day: 3 Rounds for Time: 70 double unders/140 singles 50 air squats 15 toes to bar/Kipping knee raises 9 hang power cleans (155,105)

Schedule: 5am ROW-KC 5:30am CF-KC 12:00pm CF-Dan 5:30pm CF-Franco 7:00pm CF-Franco Thursday WOD: You’ve got a choice, complete the following work alone utilizing the prescribed 1:00 min of rest after each round OR, partner up with someone and complete the rounds “ping pong” style (partner 1 does a full round then partner 2 does a…

Schedule: 5:30am-Carina 12:00pm-KC 4:30pm-Dan 5:30pm-Dan 7:00pm-Franco I) Coach prescribed core work: 10 min II) skill practice: ring dips III) 10 min AMRAP 10 push-press (115,80) 10 pull-ups 10 (SCT=ring dips, Rx’d=hand release push-ups) ***matadors may be used for additional scaling

Schedule: 5am Row-KC 5:30am-KC 12:00pm-Dan 5:30pm-Dan 7:00pm-Dan and Dixy Olympic Weghtlifting Day 1 ***Athletes, the goal of our Tuesday Oly program is to work on, improve, and perfect Olympic weightlifting technique. You’ve already put in strength work. Now the focus is on mechanics and identifying mobility restrictions so you can start improving range of motion…

  Schedule: 5:30am-Dan 12:00pm-KC 4:30pm-Carina 5:30pm-Carina 7:00pm-Carina Warmup: general, skill practice and transfer, Deadlift WOD=15 min amrap 30 air squats 20 hspu 10 deadlifts (225,155) hspu scaling options: 1-2 abmats piked feet on box head to floor push-ups dumbbell push-press

Friday Schedule 5:30am-Dan 12:00pm-Dan 5:30pm-Jon For Time ***complete 3 burpees over the bar each time you break a set of thrusters 3 rounds of “Cindy” 30 thrusters (75,55) 4 rounds of “Cindy” 20 thrusters (75,55) 5 rounds of “Cindy” 10 thrusters (75,55) ***1 round of “Cindy”= 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 air squats