5am and 5:30am CF-KC

12:00pm CF-Dan

4:30pm Barre-Dallas

5:30pm CF-Franco

7:00pm CF-Franco

Chelsea is around the box a lot. For those who don’t know, she has a goal of making it to the CrossFit Regionals. It’s not easy for a lot of us to even make 3-5 classes a week, but she finds a way to make it in twice a day to hit classes and the extra work required to give her a chance at being top 20 in the region. She works extremely hard and has evolved into an incredible athlete. Today is her birthday!!! Happy birthday Chelsea and I hope you enjoy your birthday partner WOD!

29 minute AMRAP (with a partner, if there are an odd number of athletes an individual version will be presented).

***the WOD has different work to rest patterns by movement so please take notice of how each movement is broken up.

  • Partner 1: 44 double unders/2:1 singles
  • Partner 1&2: 17 wallballs each (20,14 to 10′,9′)
  • Partner 1&2: 10 burpee box jump overs (24,20)…(Partner 1 will do 5 and then partner 2 will do 5)
  • Partner 1&2: 10 squat clean and jerks (185,135)…(partners will alternate reps completing 5 each)
  • Partner 2: 44 double unders/2:1 singles


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