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2/26/14 BLOG by Coach Dan

Good day to everyone!!! It’s about time to lay down some Sirius Law The above “commandments” were adopted by another CrossFit Affiliate and we believe they aptly provide a positive framework for how our box should run. Remember, CrossFit is NOT “8 minute Abs” nor is it a robot class at your local “globo” gym […]

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  • Here's a forecast of August's Programming: Mondays will have no separate strength portion, they will be "monster mash Monday" wods, Saturday workouts will have a different theme each week and some of them will not be at the box:) stay tuned for the specifics.

    9 hours ago


    Premium denim made for your active lifestyle. Finally jeans that go where you go and move how you move.

    July 19

  • “On heavy days, if you have not failed you have not gone heavy enough, especially if it is a one-rep max day or a three-rep max day. You need to find your limits, otherwise you’re probably undershooting yourself.” -Pat Barber, coach and athlete at NorCal CrossFit

    We have all failed before. We’ve missed deadlines, screwed up in college, passed up great opportunities and not finished a WOD under a time cap. A lot of you

    July 18