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2/26/14 BLOG by Coach Dan

Good day to everyone!!! It’s about time to lay down some Sirius Law The above “commandments” were adopted by another CrossFit Affiliate and we believe they aptly provide a positive framework for how our box should run. Remember, CrossFit is NOT “8 minute Abs” nor is it a robot class at your local “globo” gym […]

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  • Hello everyone!!! We are excited to launch our first member referral program. Any current member on a monthly membership who successfully refers someone to join CrossFit Sirius or Sirius Personal Training will receive 10% off their monthly dues per person who joins. So: refer 1 person and get 10% off 1 month, refer 2 people and receive 10% off 2 months ect. We want our family to grow and we would love to turn our new expansion project into a reality. Think more space and new toys to play with 😜Let's do this!

    April 14

  • "Handel and Grettle" paawwwwtna wod!!!!

    April 12

  • Way to get "filthy" today everyone!!

    April 11